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Brazil election 2010

By voting, Sierra seeks second round and sees solid democracy in Brazil

The PSDB's presidential candidate, Jose Serra, voted at about 13h at a college in western Sao Paulo, said on Sunday that "whatever happens, democracy will be stronger in the country.

He repeated his campaign slogan of 2002 to provide for a runoff against Rousseff, PT.

"We build a democratic government, stronger than the shocks that have suffered," said the presidential hopeful told reporters after voting.

He also referred indirectly to the defense that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva makes his candidate, saying that there are politicians "who harass the rules of the democratic game." The comment came after the opposition candidate praising "the republican behavior" of his successor in the government of Sao Paulo, Alberto Goldman, for not having campaigned for politicians from the PSDB.

The opposition candidate in the college voted Santa Cruz in the area of the city, accompanied by his running mate Indio da Costa (DEM-RJ), the PSDB candidate for governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, the candidate's Senate Aloysio Nunes (PSDB) of Sao Paulo Governor Alberto Goldman, and his wife, Monica Serra.

"Today is not wave the red, green or blue. It's the wave of green and yellow that goes to the heart of all Brazilians, "he said. The presidential candidate, trying to force a runoff against Dilma, said the votes of those who want "an honest and hardworking government." "Brazil has no owner. The owner is our people, "he said.

As he did on Saturday, Serra asked for a second round "for the good of Brazil." According to research from the eve of election, Dilma has about half the electorate, while Serra and candidate LW, Marina Silva, comprise the other half.

After voting, Sierra crashed and not the journalists went to his house in Alto de Pinheiros district, where journalists were waiting. According to a spokesperson for impresna toucan, he shall act only when it is unclear whether there will be a second round or not.

On a misty morning and 14 degrees in Porto Alegre, the presidential candidate Roussef (UK) quoted the Bible before attending a breakfast meeting with leaders gauchos.

At the entrance of St. Raphael hotel, she quoted the Bible to discuss his campaign, marked by the lead in the polls of voting intentions by the support of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and a fall in the final, after allegations of corruption within the government.

"I have fought the good fight and who does it come out stronger," he said at a news conference at the site. The term "the good fight" is taken from the New Testament and was quoted in self-help.

In a speech light, the former chief minister of the Civil House has not done criticism of the main opponent, José Serra, nor asked for votes, which is prohibited by the electoral law on election day.

The PT also thanked God, Lula and the party for having reached this point. "Today is a day of thanksgiving because we have great chances to win the first round in the Rio Grande and in Brazil," he said.

Besides the religious quotations, she also talked about the militancy of the PT, who has called in recent days of campaigning. "She's fierce and like obstacles."

Dilma arrived at 8:15 the place in downtown Porto Alegre, where were the candidates for governor of Rio Grande do Sul Genro (PT), Senate candidate Paulo Paim (PT) and U.S. Rep. Nominator PC B Manuela D'Ávila , who called presidential "aunt Dilma" to find it.

The presidential vote in Porto Alegre, state school in Santos Dumont, the same place of Tarsus, in Vila Assunção.

Genro, who also has a chance to win the election in the first round for Piratini Palace, said he feared a second round. "There will be no discouragement. Our tradition is to grab. Never get so well for a first round, "he said.

In Porto Alegre, Dilma must visit the daughter Paula and then moves to Brasilia, where he met with President Lula to await the outcome of the election. The committee of the PT in Brasília has set up a special place to monitor the count, in the Commercial Sector South of the city.

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